We are a social company that seeks to revolutionize the way we consume every day. We are a for-profit company that puts people at the centre of the business. Our smart packaging is designed to last forever, without polluting or generating waste.


Single-use packaging and product waste is one of the most pervasive and rapidly growing issues facing our planet today. We live in a world where we consume an increasing amount and variety of disposable items, a very small percentage of which is recycled; roughly a quarter of all waste produced in a year ends up in our oceans, and most of the rest is burned, buried or littered. This “take - make - waste” philosophy of consumption has taken over our daily lives because it gives us unparalleled convenience at an affordable price.

Most products today are “linear” – thrown away after they’re used (typically once). This one-way model sends valuable resources to the trash. In a “circular” system, that line is bent into a circle that keeps resources in use and cycling through the system for as long as possible. The goal of the circular economy is to make those circles as tight as possible by reducing the number of steps (and the resulting energy, transportation and resources needed) to get our products from useless to useful again.


Alternatives like steel, glass and bio-plastics exist, but each one of them comes with their limitations. Metal and glass, for instance, have a higher footprint if you account for mining, processing and even shipping. Bio-plastics, as trendy as they sound as alternatives, are yet to undergo extensive research to establish their real impact on the environment. Plus, their production at scale is still a challenge.

There is no such thing as sustainable materials; there are, however, sustainable systems. You can count on us for ensuring that everything you use will be taken care of responsibly.

We create reusable systems to enable circular economy. A complete life cycle analysis of each product is conducted before being reused or upcycled. 


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