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Pay for the product.
Not the packaging.

Welcome to the future of consumption


Save money & save the planet.
Buy smart reusable packaging once and say bye to single-use plastic.


Single-Use Disposables Saved


Restaurants turned zero-waste


Events joined the Reusable Movement


Earth for Us to Protect

About Recube

We are a social enterprise that seeks to revolutionize the way we consume every day. Recube is all about offering a complete, environmentally friendly and affordable solution. Our products naturally play a major role in this. Our cups and food packs are carefully created, with an eye to ecology and quality. 

Upcoming Projects 

We design campaigns to inspire ways of living that are good for the environment. We're constantly experimenting and always share the approach and results so that they can be recreated anywhere by anyone. Want to join in with one of our campaigns, or get inspiration for your own? You can find them all tried and tested below. Have a browse and see what catches your eye.

Why Single Use is bad?

Just in India, we dump 6 million tonnes of plastic every year.

that’s almost equal to 116 titanic – the boat that sank. plastic takes gazillion years to decompose, and throughout that time it keeps on contaminating natural resources. and then they come back. but not as Gandalf the white, they come back to us through our food and water.

Our Work

We've worked with 100+ clients across the globe.

We're not just solution providers, we're creators. We design systems holistically to create a circular environment. We're truly integrated and house all your sustainable requirements under one roof.

Get to Know Us

We are really fun people and love to talk about everything. Come say hello to us!

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